What are wax melts and why use them

We all love those cute, novel and elaborate wax melt burners that have popped up all over the internet in recent years. There are so many to choose from that often it is a bit overwhelming and you end up either not buying one or going with the first one you see. From different colours, materials, designs and sizes, to whether you need a tea light or if it's an electric wax warmer... The choice is yours! I have my eye on some really nice wax melt burners on Etsy (best place to find that type of stuff!), I don't think there is such a thing as too many wax warmers!

If you have a wax melt burner at home, you should be very familiar with the even larger variety of wax melts available out there. Ranging from different wax types, colours, glitters, shapes, dried herbs and flowers - you name it, they've got it. But why have wax melts become so popular in recent years? Are there any benefits to using wax melts over candles? How exactly do you use wax melts? These are some of the questions we will be answering in this post.

Wax melts are a great substitute for candles, if you don't want to commit to a large candle with the same scent. Most wax melts come in fairly small sizes so you can burn one at a time and easily switch to a different scent when the first one has worn off. The ease of filling your home with a different scent every day is one of the benefits that pulls people towards these products. Depending on the size, wax melts can last for anywhere between 4 hours to 10 hours or more. Once the wax no longer has a scent throw, you can wait for it to cool, scrape it out of the burner, and pop in a new one. Simple as that!

Wax melts also tend to last longer than candles. For the same amount of wax in a candle, wax melts can last several times longer than the candle, simply because the melting process releases scent slower than burning the wax directly like with a candle. For many people, this is another major benefit as it ends up being a cheaper way to make your home smell nice. Not only do wax melts last longer than candles, they are also much cheaper to produce, and therefore cheaper to buy than candles. Due to the cost of containers, lids, wicks and so on, the cost of candle-making tends to add up, and with big companies adding their enormous premiums on top of that, you can end up paying up to a hundred pounds for some designer candles! Meanwhile, wax melts only use a small amount of wax and fragrance oils, glitters and any other additives, and plastic or other cheap packaging - much more economical and therefore in most cases passing down the savings to the end consumers!

Wax melts are also a great way to practice aromatherapy. Since they melt slowly and release scent gradually, essential oils are a perfect way to add fragrance to wax melts - and also enjoy all the health benefits. Pure essential oils are more natural than fragrance oils and if you're not after a designer scent or a perfume dupe, you can enjoy essential oil wax melts for a more natural way to scent your home, while also reaping the many health benefits of inhaling different essential oils.

So if you have not yet tried wax melts - why not give it a go! You're bound to find ones that you'll love, from the scents to the lovely glitter swirls. Our range of wax melts is made with soy wax, high quality fragrance oils, Bekro dyes and cosmetic mica glitters. Soy wax lasts even longer than wax melts made with paraffin, and the colours and glitter swirls add an artistic feel in addition to the gorgeous aromas. Take a look in our shop for our range of wax melts, snap bars and deli pods, all in different sizes so you can find one that suits your fragrance fanatic home.

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